Powered Up Inc. – Salt Lake Valley Electricians – Utah


At Powered Up, we believe that strong, connected communities are a foundation for happiness and success. Our Salt Lake community has supported us and cheered us on as we’ve worked to build a reliable, trustworthy company, and we’re committed to paying that kindness forward. 

We’ve chosen to give back to our community by partnering with HomeAid a nonprofit provider of housing and resources for people experiencing homelessness in Utah. 

Homelessness can be traumatic for people who have been stripped of their homes, their ties to their community, and their support systems. HomeAid is leading the way in providing innovative housing solutions for the homeless, and Powered Up is proud to offer our electrical services to an exciting new project called the HomeAid Collaboration Cottage. 

This collaborative project is an endeavor to build a series of master-planned tiny homes that will serve as stepping stones on the path to combating homelessness, providing people in need with a safe and dignified living space. 

It’s incredible to witness what we can do when we join together as a community to lift and care for each other, and Powered Up is honored to pair with other expert industry leaders to make this worthy project a reality. 

Join us in helping individuals rebuild their lives by donating directly to HomeAid:.

We are so excited to be a part of this great organization supporting the community of Salt Lake City, Utah and beyond. Here is our CEO, Noah Mancuso, who is very honored to be a part of it.